Drivers Ed: The Next Wave of Luxury Car CX

By Megan Freshley

When you buy a luxury vehicle in 2016, you’re also buying an OS you’ve never encountered before. Between smart safety metrics and AI-driven entertainment systems, luxury dealerships realize they need each customer to go through an in-depth training just to operate their new car at its best.

Of course a huge part of the excitement of buying a new vehicle is learning how it works, but customers don’t always have time for long, in-person demos — especially since specialized dealerships tend to be located well outside city centers. Live video support, or even augmented reality, might be the solution sooner than later as a stand-in for these in-person trainings.

High-end cars mean high-tech dashboards

Bluetooth, keyless entry, and GPS are just the beginning. Buying a new car is like buying a whole new set of sensors and controls that require commitment to learn. Not every brand is like Tesla, which troubleshoots remotely without the need for a trip to the lot.

The coming years will bring more vehicle-to-vehicle communication, facial recognition, and safety features like wearable connections that could pull a vehicle over and send alerts for medical attention if need be — the possibilities are vast and untapped even with the current wealth of incredible tech already present in luxury cars. Take the average luxury driver. They expect this type of experience after driving off the lot:

But we all know technology doesn’t always deliver as smoothly as it first promises. Drivers want to get their money’s worth by taking full advantage of these slick new gadgets, but operation isn’t always intuitive. Trainings don’t necessarily take place on the day of purchase, meaning customers have to set aside time yet again to complete their set-up and really get on the road.

Troubleshooting can feel like Murphy’s Law

All these things are meant to make your life more leisurely and convenient. If a problem occurs, going back to lot can cause a big detour in the consumer’s day. And as it often goes with automotive issues, problems have a way of magically disappearing as soon as the technician is looking. What if this process of hassle and lost time could be made obsolete with live video chat via the mobile device?

If consumers are able to take video of the issue while a technician is watching, problems can be diagnosed instantly and correctly the first time around. What if the technician’s stumped? They now have a video of the issue to send to the appropriate department for follow-up.

Initial training sessions can also take place over live video support on their own time and even in their own driveways or garages. Add a dose of AR to the equation and you have pop-up imagery highlighting various functionalities for the customer to get even more clarity.

It pays to put customers in control

Dealerships should leverage technology that helps customers enjoy their purchase making the learning experience covetable like the car itself. Luxury vehicle customers invest a lot of time and money making their decisions, and dealerships can ensure they leave happy with pain-free training options. It can be overwhelming to realize how much tech there is to get comfortable with in a new vehicle, but you should have the tools and service methods available to make it easy and put you in the driver’s seat.

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