Streamline support with video.

With guided video capture and live video triage, agents can always get eyes on a problem.

Guided Recording

Capture the data you need, every time.

  • Design recording templates to capture photos and videos

  • Allow customers to upload data directly from their mobile phones, without an app

  • Store data assets in your own AWS account

Live video

Deliver warm, personal service with live video support.

  • Deploy live video with no integration work

  • Works in conjunction with your existing telephony systems

  • Keep recordings and snapshots for quality, training, and reference


Easy deployment

Agents simply access the Mirror Web App from a Chrome browser, or download the Mirror Desktop App for Mac OS and Windows.


We leverage WebRTC in conjunction with SIP to provide a platform agnostic video conferencing solution with enterprise features like multi-party calls and session recording.

AWS Cloud

Built on AWS, Mirror’s cloud service delivers easy integration and seamless upgrades.

Enterprise clients have the option of storing videos and photos within their own private AWS cloud service.

See it in action.

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