Visual evidence for claims, risk and service.

Get videos and photos to settle claims faster, quantify risk, and deliver instant support.

Deliver an effortless customer journey, without an app, on iOS and Android.



Engage users with app-free, mobile web interactions that simplify the customer experience.



Manage data privacy and security with custom, globally distributed data storage and Single Sign-On (SSO).



Integrate self-service workflows with IVR systems and web portals to meet demand after events and after hours.

Be present, from a distance.

Scalable photo-video capture and live video can deliver operational efficiencies across many lines of business, including claims, risk and technical support.


Seamless customer journey.

Your customers love digital support channels, but that doesn’t mean they want to download another mobile app.  Mirror’s app-free interactions provide a seamless experience for customers that drives satisfaction while delivering competitive efficiencies that are critical to your success.

Scalable deployment.

Deploy Mirror’s Software-as-a-Service platform (SaaS) solution with no integration work to achieve claim and underwriting efficiencies from day one.  Or take advantage of our programmable visual surveys to automate data capture and provide more self-service options across your customer touchpoints.

Instant insight.

Get visual evidence early in the process to settle claims faster and quantify underwriting risks so you can deliver fast answers to customers.