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Our story

With all the talk of AI, chatbots and automation that surrounds us, it’s sometimes hard to remember that a sense of human connection is still at the center of most meaningful interactions.

Many companies today are serving customers and partners on a global scale, and focused on driving efficiency while maintaining high service levels across their organization.

We believe that video is the next evolution in service, enabling your sales, support, and field teams to be more present, even as they reach customers and partners across larger and larger distances.

More than 2.5B people around the world have smartphones now, most of which are equipped with a camera.  Mobile cameras provide a rich medium that will drive new customer interactions that were never possible before, delivering unprecedented levels of immediacy, engagement, and service.

Our mission is to enable a warm human connection through the mobile canvas, so you can deliver seamless, authentic experiences that continually delight your customers, wherever they may be.

We are a venture-backed startup, with deep roots in SaaS, mobile, and customer experience, and proud to be part of the FirstMark Capital and Eniac Ventures portfolios.

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