Transform claims, risk and service with

Web Vision

Capture photos and videos directly from customers and get instant insight without putting boots on the ground.


Leverage photo evidence to enable virtual claims so you can reduce loss adjustment expenses and delight customers.

Auto claims

Many types of auto claims can be fast tracked with the right data. Capture photos and videos throughout the claims lifecycle to identify salvage opportunities, make virtual appraisals, and approve supplemental estimates.

Property claims

Property claims often present continuing damage situations that need immediate attention.  Mirror’s photo capture and live video feeds enable claims agents to proactively manage cases and deliver faster settlements.

CAT events

It’s very expensive or sometimes just impossible to get enough boots on the ground after a catastrophic event.   Mirror allows you to gather visual data quickly so you can fast track simple claims and determine how to deploy limited resources for complex ones.


Product warranty is intimately tied to brand perception and loyalty.  Leverage live video and photo capture to deliver instant service and settlement decisions.


Improve underwriting discipline with visual data that provides transparent quantification of risk.

Personal property

Smaller policies may not warrant an on-site inspection, leading to underwriting based on “best” knowledge rather than accurate knowledge.  Remote property photo surveys provide the clarity to help you underwrite profitably.

Commercial property

Small business. Mid-market.  Enterprise.  Automate photo surveys to capture time series data and lay the groundwork for anomaly reporting.

Risk Engineering

Get eyes on the scene to better understand and reduce exposures.

Risk surveys

Mid-market and enterprise properties change over time, unveiling new exposures that need to be addressed.  Remote photo surveys allow you to assess changing conditions and determine where to deploy your engineering resources.

Improvement actions

Defining improvement actions is just a first step in risk management.  Leverage Mirror’s photo and video capture to verify implementations without a site re-visit.

See our app-free Web Vision™ platform in action.