Word of Mouth: The Conversations Driving 21st-Century Conversion

Brand loyalty looks different today that it did ten or even two years ago. Whereas Yelp and Google reviews continue to make a huge impact, word of mouth loyalty-building is even more nuanced now.

Live Video Streaming: A new frontier for Sales Teams

The current hand-off between phone to a video demo is really clunky. And the transition doesn’t necessarily work to the salesperson’s advantage — which is the whole point, right?

Is Your Customer Experience Leaving Baby Boomers Behind?

Baby boomers are spending more year after year thanks to increased empty-nest leisure time in an improving economy.

The Millennial Mind: What’s in a Customer Experience?

While millennials are closing in on their peak buying years, companies need to be prepared to deliver tailor-made CX with this mercurial demographic in mind now more than ever.

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