“Ah, I see the problem now.”

See what your customers and partners see, using their smartphone cameras.  They carry it everywhere, so you can leverage it anywhere.

See how it works.

Effortless video that melds with your existing workflows.

Give every agent video capabilities.

Give every agent video capabilities.

Agents are in the driver’s seat, and can determine when video is appropriate during a conversation. Thus, every agent can be video-enabled, but only utilize video support on a case-by-case basis.

Stay on the call with customers.

Stay on the call with customers.

Mirror enables agents to use their traditional phone lines for audio, and get video of what customers are seeing while staying in the original audio call.

 Capture video recordings.

Capture video recordings.

Every session is recorded for quality and training purposes, so you can always review what happened.

Maintain agent anonymity.

Maintain agent anonymity.

Video calls are set up as unique, one-time conferences that both agents and customers join to share video, so agents never have to share their direct contact credentials.

Carry your branding throughout the experience.

Mirror provides a white-label service that allows you to integrate your branding across the customer interaction.  Manage branded text messages, landing pages, and custom terms of service for multiple brands under a single account.

Stay in control.

Customers share their camera view with your agents by default.  But for those situations where agents needs to demonstrate an action or showcase a product, it’s as simple as joining the video conference and taking over presenter control.

Managers and escalation agents can also join a conference to simply observe, or take presenter control as needed.



SIP provides the core messaging infrastructure that enables us to connect traditional telephone calls with web-based video.

WebRTC is a communications standard that enables browser-based video chat.

We leverage WebRTC in conjunction with SIP to provide a platform agnostic video conferencing solution with enterprise features like multi-party calls and session recording.

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