Get visual claim evidence with the MirrorMe Add-on

Capture photos and videos directly from customers and get instant insight without putting boots on the ground.


MirrorMe Add-on for Guidewire ClaimCenter™ provides visual evidence completely app-free.


Guidewire ClaimCenter™ now delivers access to MirrorMe’s app-free solution to enhance productivity across the entire claims ecosystem.

About the integration

The MirrorMe Add-on for visual claim evidence enables Guidewire Insurance professionals to visually inspect damage claims remotely using our Web Vision™ tools.
We make it simple, intuitive, and collaborative to enable fast processing times and clear communication to drive customer advocacy and retention. Our add-on delivers the latest advancements in photo and video capture to make workflows that best illustrate the claim and its supporting documentation at every stage of the claim lifecycle.
Web Vision evidence capture and live video capabilities are scalable and operate efficiently across multiple lines of business, including claims and underwriting.  And it includes functionality for each member of the claims process—customers, service shops, salvage yards, dealers and claims adjusters.

MirrorMe Add-on integrates seamlessly into ClaimCenter, bringing the power of Web Vision tools directly into ClaimCenter.

Web Vision tools within ClaimCenter

  • Dynamic Workflows — Send detailed FNOL workflow requests to claimants and service professionals to process claims faster
  • Live Video — Initiate a 1- way video conference call with annotations and snapshots to collaborate in real-time for every use case.
  • Data-rich files — Get high quality, geo-tagged photos and video, scanned documents, and snapshots with notes.
  • View and share — review workflow and live video recordings, share and download files via the MirrorMe web portal.
  • Automated notifications — create custom reminders about upcoming tasks to drive engagement.

Learn more about the MirrorMe Add-on in the Guidewire Marketplace.