Guided Recording

Get the data you need to deliver great service.

Capture the right data

Capture the right data

Guided Recording lets you design custom recording templates to capture photos and videos through a structured workflow.

Get a clear picture

Get a clear picture

Allow customers and field professionals to record and narrate a problem directly from their mobile phones, without needing an app.

Secure your assets

Secure your assets

Store your video and photo assets within your own private AWS cloud.

Technology that doesn’t get in the way.

App-free and easy.

Guided Recording is completely browser based, so customers can upload data directly from their phones without needing an app.

Transparent and seamless.

iOS and Android videos are automatically compressed, transcoded and sent directly to your cloud, so nothing gets lost in email.

Design custom templates for capturing video and photo assets.

Create workflow templates to reflect different use cases, and specify as many assets as you need in each template.

Review videos and take snapshots with comments.

Snapshots and comments allow you to capture and easily reference the important elements of each video.

Easily integrate with your existing service channels.

Allow customers to submit videos across all of your touchpoints, including phone, email, chat and web.

See it in action.