Frequently Asked Questions

Does this require developer work?

No, Mirror can be deployed in minutes, with no development work.  Agents only need to set up an account and download our Agent Desktop app, available for Mac OS, Windows (7+), and Linux.

How does pricing work?

Our pricing model is based on number of agents (seats) that you require, which includes a base monthly fee and an initial allocation of livestream minutes.  Additional minutes and video recording storage fees may also apply.

Do I need dedicated video agents?

No, you do not.  Your agents will answer their phones or chat channels as they normally would, and can invite customers to  join a video conference as desired.   Your agents can continue to use their traditional phone lines for audio, and get video of what customers are seeing while staying in the original audio call.

Can't I just use Skype or Facetime for this?

Those are great consumer video applications, but they require your agents to exchange contact credentials with your customers, which gives customers direct access to your agents later.  Additionally, those sessions are not recorded, which make documentation and quality management more challenging.

Can customers see my agents?

By default, no.   Customers stream video from their cameras, and agents simply watch.  However, agents can choose to take over “presenter” control, and then stream their camera view.  This is useful for demonstrating product features or installation techniques.

Do customers have to download an app?

Mirror uses WebRTC technology to enable customer livestreaming on the stock mobile browser on Android. iOS users currently require an app, but we are committed to bringing live video capabilities directly into the Safari mobile browser as well, eliminating the need for iOS users to download an app in the near future.